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Enter the total amount sold before fees & excluding shipping charges.

Sold Price
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Enter the total amount charged for shipping to buyer.

Shipping Charge
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Enter the amount you paid for shipping.

Shipping Cost
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Enter the amount you paid for the item.

Item Cost
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Enter the tax percentage you are charged.

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Deduction on ebay fee for outstanding seller levels and performance

Top Rated Seller
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Deduction on ebay fee for having an Ebay store(Basic, Premium, and Anchor Stores all charge the same rate).

Ebay Store
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Pick out what category is your Ebay store. If your category is not listed this means no additional deduction is given. Select Others if not listed.

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Enter the promotion percentage you are charged.

Promotion Cost
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Upgrades you have selected for your listing.

Listing Upgrade
Ebay Fee: 0
Ebay Upgrade Fees: 0
Paypal Fees: 0
Paypal Percentage Fee
Paypal Flat Fee
Return: %
Margin: %
Profit: $


eBay is an online marketplace where users buy and sell products. eBay has 3 types of fees: Final Value Fee, Insertion Fee and Listing Upgrade Fee. A final value fee is charged when an item is sold where eBay takes 10% of the sold price and shipping charge combined plus Paypal fees. If you run out of free listings, a $0.30 insertion fee is charged when you list an item. A listing upgrade fee is charged with any additional upgrades to your listing, such as extra categories or bolded titles.