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How To Create & Add
Your Sales To Your Spreadsheet

Creating a spreadsheet
Step 1. Click on Create Spreadsheet at the bottom of the page.

Creating and naming your spreadsheet
Step 2. Type in the desired name you want to call your spreadsheet.

Creating and saving your spreadsheet
Step 3. Click Create after you are satisfied with the name.

Spreadsheet list at the bottom of the page
Step 4. After that you should see your Spreadsheet List at the bottom. Now Enter In all the information about your sale.

Adding your online sales to your spreadsheet
Step 5. Click on "Add To" to the desired spreadsheet.

Successfully adding a sale to your spreadsheet
That's it, you should see a popup message saying "Added To Spreadsheet."

Checking your entered sale in your spreadsheet
Head to your Spreadsheets and you should be able to see it.